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IPAC Renfrew County

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Welcome to the Renfrew Chapter of IPAC Canada. 

As per the wishes of its members, and with the approval of the IPAC Canada Board of Directors, our chapter IPAC Renfrew County has been dissolved, effective immediately. The Board of Directors of IPAC Canada thanks Chapter President Melissa Botz and members of their Executive for their efforts over the past years to revitalize and sustain the chapter. The Board also thanks our chapter, IPAC Ottawa Region, for welcoming IPAC Renfrew County members into its community. 

The registry of members of IPAC Renfrew County will be transferred to IPAC Ottawa Region immediately.  If you wish to be a member of a different chapter, please contact membership@ipac-canada.org

IPAC Renfrew Chapter Executive

President:  Melissa Botz

President Elect:  Teri Wellon

Past President:  Kelly Hebert

Secretary:  Helen Esilman

Treasure:  Kari Park